Alright, basically my brother who isn't interested in weight training just started workout out about 3 weeks ago. His goal is mass.

My eldest brother who thinks he knows it all b/c he's a personal trainer told him to do 10-12 reps with about SEVEN excercises to begin with. His argument is that beginners get strong with any rep range, which I'm not dissagreeing with.

The skinny bro wasn't making size or strength gains for about 2 weeks, only increased once or twice, and did shit every time on the bench press.

Now since Tuesday I've had him run SS with rows(instead of PC) and he's been making solid strength gains all week. He's just finished his third session a while ago and his squat went up by 22lbs, and all the other lifts followed suite.

Now in comes the idiot(old brother) and he starts getting mad that I've had him running 5 reps. He doesn't seem to comprehend that if his squat increased by 22lbs in ONE week that obviously his 10rm will be higher than last week. How retarded is this?

Regardless of goals, isn't it the BEST option to give a new guy solid strength foundations in the BIG rather than squatting baby weight for 2 weeks and curling the bar 12 times? C'mon! He can talk about his qualifications all he wants but I just know I'm right here.

He doesn't seem to believe that the biggest BB's are the strongest, but arn't they? He THINKS that by lifting light weights all day you can get huge. Get the fuck outta here with that BULL! I might just be a newbie myself, but common sense, research and the experiences of myself and others agree with me here.

Just came here cause I was pissed off that this loudmouth asshole thinks he knows it all. He's a dumb fuck srs.