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Thread: Help for a Beginner

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    Help for a Beginner

    Been a member for a while, but this is my first real question

    I bought a Olympic Bench that has the leg curl and a lat pull down and the bench press towers,

    I have 205lbs of Olympic weighs (including Bar)

    I am doing DDPyoga also right now Im starting my 4th week monday,

    I got some protein mix and been taking it instead of breakfast because I don't have time to fix anything in the morning

    My heart-rate stays at 135-160 during the yoga for 30-45 mins, so I think I got my cardio covered, May add a heavy bag later

    My question is I need to know what and how to do the free weight exercise, I have never lifted before, I benched 135 8 times with no problem tonight, I did not want to go heavy due to me being by myself

    Any help is appreciated

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    Watch So you think you can bench and squat, other vids, and read. Then take a vid of yourself regarding form. You question is awful vague.
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    if you google exercise names there will be tons of videos that pop up showing you how to do it, most of which explain proper form as well.

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    I suggest investing in a pull up bar as well. Iron Gym has an awesome one which connects to your door "Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar".

    You can use your dumbbells for squats, deadlifts, curls etc (basically everything).

    What are your actual goals? Weight gain? Weight loss?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beef Building View Post
    You can use your dumbbells for squats, deadlifts, curls etc (basically everything).
    OP doesn't have dumbells...
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    If you want to learn the techniques for each lift, then your gonna have to spend researching them and practicing them.

    You may also want to invest in a power rack since your training alone (it acts as a great spotter).
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