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Thread: Meet Day eating with a night meet

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    Meet Day eating with a night meet

    My meet is tomorow and I will be lifting at 7PM. The meet is small and local so I decided to forgo cutting to 242 and just bloat up as much as possible.

    Since back loading I have become very sensistive to carbs preworkout. I crash hard.

    My plan for tomorow is to have most of my carbs from 7Am until noon. I plan to have a shake in the AM with results and oats and then lasagna for lunch. I will most likelt have broccoli and a banana around 3oclock with a shake and then zero carbs until the meet. Ill snack on jerky and nuts until weigh ins.

    Any one have any experince with late meets and how to handle meet day eating?
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    Alright, as I am a bench only "person" my advice might not really help you. I do know on Friday nights I don't train until 6 and weight does not hit the bar until close to 7. I eat don't eat any carbs the entire day and my lifting has been great. I make sure to eat more protein and fat than normally because this is the only day I train this late. I always have carbs Thursday night even though I don't train. I figure that helped me carryover.

    Not that this matters to you for you purposes, I will be going no carbs on Thursday nights. I'll be curious to see if it changes Friday training. I will definitely report back.

    Good luck at your meet Scott.

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    I did a meet once where my session started at 7:00 or 7:30. I'd weighed in that morning, so I ate a huge breakfast (pancakes, bacon, eggs, hash browns, etc.) a moderate lunch and then started dialing the food back after that. I liked that meet quite a bit as I usually train at night so it was perfect.

    Good luck!
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