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Thread: Anybody here in Salt Lake City?

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    Anybody here in Salt Lake City?

    Hey guys, looking to see if anybody trains or knows of a solid gym in SLC, Utah. I'm out there Th-Sa for a triathlon coaching conference, still want to try to stay on schedule. Could use a place that's chalk, gear, and heavy weight friendly.

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    Doesn't Thomas G run a gym in that area?

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    here's a few ideas or at least people you can contact. i'm not sure if the numbers still work. i also think many of the gyms listed are out of business

    i lift at the university of utah where i work, but its not open to the public. if you are really stuck, i can sponsor you in.
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    Someone on here posted a while back about his new gym in that area.... hopefully they'll chime in.

    I was just in Provo on a motorcycle trip and there happened to be a crossfit and strongman comp in the HD dealer's parking lot. I can't remember the name of the gym but the dealer could tell you who sponsored it. The guy seemed cool enough who brought all of the strongman stuff out.
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