USAPL Vision Fitness/Garage Ink Meet.

So on a Friday night we traveled up to Brogue PA to compete at Niko Huslanderís Vision fitness gym. I ended up going from 252 to 258 in 21 days and had a great meet as a result. I doubled my results on training days and was averaging 6 scoops of Nitrean a day. This made it very easy to pack the weight on. I picked some very doable attempts and ended up going 8/9.

Here is video of my attempts. These werenít PRís by any means but it did give me a lot of feedback for some new things I tried this training cycle. Next meet is in December and I hope to build from here in a big way.

Video of 625

Video of 485

Video of 660 sumo raw.

Big thanks to Chris Mason of Atlarge Nutrition. Having the finest supplements at my disposal makes meet prep much easier.