New to this board but a long time member of the P&B, but that place isn't really into its Westside use so thought I might ask here. I currently have a 150kg Raw bench max and using 60kg for my DE work (45% of my max floor press). I don't have chains but do have bands so am currently going 3 weeks with doubled minis (27.5kg at bottom, 42.5kg at top), then 3 weeks with doubled mins and choked monster minis (27.5kg at bottom, 59kg at top), then upping the bar weight in light of whatever my new max is on the floor press and starting again.

Is this a suitable approach to my DE work seeing as I have no chains or access to different bars? The other option to this I presume is to keep doubled minis a constant and vary the bar weight over a 3 week cycle. Any advice would be appreciated as I'm a bit lost about how to cycle my DE work at the moment with no chains (I'm about to start on a PhD so can't really afford the cash for chains for a while).