Hello, My name is max and starting tomorrow I will be doing a tri-set workout to build muscle and strength. They're are still parts of my workout that I need help with constructing but here's what I have so far
Sunday: CHest and Tri day
BB Bench Press 3x8,
Incline DB bench press 3x8,
Pec Dec 3x8
(these 3 a tri-set)
Dips 3x10,
Close Grip bench press 3x10,
Overhead tricep Press 3x10
(These three to be done as a triset)
Monday: Back and Bicep Day
I don't know a good way to make a triset out of this but I would like to include Deadlifts and Bent over Rows. This day doesn't have to necessarily be a tri-set.

Tuesday: Rest
WEdnesday: Shoulders (Delts + Traps)
upright rows 3x8-10
Db Lat raise 3x8-10
Military pRess 3x8-10
(Tri Set to be done)
Trap Bar deadlift 3x8
Shrugs 3x8
Sumo HIgh pull 3x8
(Tri sets to be done)
Thursday : Rest
Friday: Legs
I don't have a good leg day planned out yet, but I need to increase the size and strength of my leg muscles

I have to admit, I took a lot of the routine after a routine I found on confitdent.com, and after the routines I have listed their are "burnout" exercises to complete for maximum effort. I am open to comments about my sets, reps, and lift choices, as well as anything else.