Figured since this is the first meet of its kind, I'd get a thread started here with my thoughts and some of the other guys will chime in who competed this weekend.

We had about 6 heavy weights and I'm not sure how many light weights (5 or 6?) and we got it all done from warmups to final bench in under an hour and a half. I loved it. When I start warming up, I don't like to stop and wait 30 min between attempts.

Almost everyone hit their first attempt which I think is probably a first in a bench only meet lol. Every one of the lightweights took their first bench and then we moved the bar to 700 and all the heavy weights took their first, then back to lightweights, then back to 750 for heavyweights etc.

It worked very smoothly. I liked the fast pace, as well as the simplicity of the the event.

I hit 700 in a size 60 SDP with fair ease and wore the same shirt for 750 which also went right up. My plan was to switch to my 56 for 800 and up, but 750 went so smooth I changed my game plan and stuck with the 60, which was a mistake. I blasted it about 3/4 the way up and the shirt just didn't have enough. So I quickly ran back and changed shirts.

Now in this format, you don't get an extra long time to take a repeat (you were allowed to miss a weight once) rather you had to re take it at the end of the "flight" at that weight. So since I missed 800 and I was the first to go, I had to re take it after Rob went who was last. The challenge is getting into your shirt fast enough, getting it set and all tucked in before you have to go again. Fortunately I was able to do this.

I touched and locked out 800 but when holding it locked out, I drifted back slowly and bumped the uprights which got me reds.

It ended up coming down to Rob and Vincent both nailing 850 and both missing 900 which was really awesome to watch. Vincent won on bodyweight.

I realize the event was unconventional and I'm sure some guys didn't appreciate the fast pace. I loved it. I like a new challenge and I liked the pressure of changing shirts quickly and the game plan of when to change. Kinda kicked myself for not sticking to my game plan but that's what you do, live and learn.

Smaller jumps after a certain weight was brought up and I'm actually not a fan of that. Personally I like taking big jumps in the shirt, but also I think that smaller jumps would lengthen the event beyond a point of interest at that point. Vincent came within an inch of hammering out a 50lb PR at this meet! Rob almost a 52lb single ply PR! That's just incredible.

The number of "ties" was brought up which I feel is almost irrelevant since it's about the last man standing, not the placing. But if that's a big deal just do it by bodyweight.

I was the lightest heavy weight by a good distance and was not bothered by it at all. At the end of the day you are either strong or not. That's at least the standard I hold myself to.

Although I will admit I'm going to be working on getting bigger. I think half the crowd thought I was in the lightweight category lol.

Bottom line, well done by Vincent with the idea and getting it into action and Gene for putting on the meet. I had a really great time.

Will definitely compete in something like this again.