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I can only speak for myself, so take this as MY opinion. Do not lump your feelings for what others have said influence your response to me.

I never stated I wanted CrossFit to be perfect. We all got sidetracked with that argument, but my original post was this. I like CrossFit the exercise program, I really like that they are making this training available to all kinds of people. Any criticism I may have is independent of anything else, any other industry, because I think that CrossFit has so much potential reach a lot of people. Unlike bodybuilding and powerlifting that tends to attract a certain mentality and personality, CrossFit is now reaching the average Joe. It is unfair to the average Joe to walk in to a CrossFit facility with the assumption that they are going to get world class coaching/training. After all they expect to be exposed to "Elite Fitness." We as a community should strive to make it better.

I know you are not telling me that a weekend certification alone will provide this, and I do not expect it to, but that is all some facilities will have. A person with a weekend cert that has been crossfitting for a while (the original post by Paul that I was responding to when you responded to my post).

I want someone like you or Alex that used the cert as a continuing education, that knows his or her stuff. That is what we should shoot for. It will never be perfect, but I think CrossFit should aim to be better than the rest of the industry. JMHO.
When was the last time you went to a CrossFit box and did a workout?