Mon (8/20)

Bench Press
(1x5) 135
(1x3) 185
(1x3) 225
(1x3) 245
(1x2) 295

Bench Press - Titan Ram
(1x2) 335


Diamond Classic #0
SCF Regular Plain #000 -- 75 degrees!!!
Diamond Bronco PL1 -- 160 degrees

Yellow Nail
1/4 x 7" Grade 5
M x 7" O1 Drillrod (405lbs.) - cert. bend

Body weight: 196.2

My knee is much better today. At least I am able to walk without a limp. My bench today was in my basement rack, so I went conservatively. I wasn't able to get too much leg drive on my two top sets, so I didn't push it like I might normally. My horseshoe bends again took their toll on my hands, so I wasn't 100% with my grip on the set-up. Hopefully, I can get back to the gym this weekend to train with the guys. (I took a trip with my girlfriend this past weekend and this upcomming weekend is my fantasy football draft, which takes over five hours and is scheduled during my bench time. I will still get my workout in, it just might be solo.)

I tried a St. Croix Forge Regular Plain #000 again today and nearly got 90 degrees! My set-up was awesome and the kink was very strong! The more time I am spending with this shoe, the more my confidence is going up. I actually got into the sweep zone with it today, but the pain on my ribs and upper leg was too much to continue. If I keep making progress with this shoe, I definitely think I will get a full bend (> 180 deg.) by Christmas.

SCF Regular Plain #000