Wed (11/20)

Dead Bench Press
(1x5) 135
(1x3) 185
(1x3) 225
(1x2) 245
(1x2) 275

Speed Bench - bands
(1x3) 135
(3x3) 155
(4x3) 135 - add chains

JM Press
(2x5) 95

Double Overhand DL - Fatgripz
(1x1) 135
(1x1) 185
(1x1) 200

1-arm Deadlift
(1x1) 135
(1x0) 185
(1x1) 185

(1x5) #1
(1x5) #1.5
(1x3) #2

I like training with the Fatgripz so far. My hands are pretty small (7 3/8") so they are a good challenge for me. The 200 double overhand deadlift was near a max, as it was starting to slip. I got some PVC pipe and am going to try to make a pinch device. I'm going to have to do something with my 25s ... maybe grind them down a little, as they're way too wide to start adding weight. Doing this stuff is totally addicting!