I just re-read this article (several years old) about cheat days and leptin levels. Many of you probably remember it


It got me wondering a little bit. I'm going to use a hypothetical person/scenario to simplify it (it's not me... it does pertain to my interests, however.)

Say you've got a guy on a diet that he has tailored to his metabolism so that he will gain weight slowly but consistently (say ~2lbs per month) - the intention being to bulk up slowly with minimal fat gain. Say that he eats 3500 calories per day, if it helps. He chooses to eat healthy foods like vegetables, brown rice and whole wheat pasta/breads, fruit, etc and he has completely cut out fried foods, food with a high sugar content, and typically anything considered "junk food."

My question is, on a diet like this, is there any place for a cheat day? I ask because in basically all of the articles/threads I've read about cheat meals/days over the last 45 minutes virtually all of them are in reference to individuals who are attempting to lose fat. However, I don't see why it wouldn't be similarly beneficial to someone on a slow bulk (ie fat gain at a minimum.) I mean, disregarding the fact that you might need to cheat every now and then just to avoid falling off the wagon completely (depending on the person), physiologically speaking would it be more of a good thing or a bad thing to add one cheat day per week in this situation?

Thanks for any and all comments