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    Polk's Road to Elite

    This is my first time posting on this Forum... Right now I am starting my meet prep for the 2012 APA Raw Halloween Class on October 28th, the last time I competed was October last year, and I did 475/275/600/1,350 @ 220, and I feel like these were true maxes... In the gym 5 weeks before the meet my maxes were 455/265/575...

    Heading into this meet my maxes are:

    Squat - 525 Without Wraps
    Bench - 315
    Pull - 645

    The Goals for the meet are:

    Squat - 575-600 W/ Wraps (Have never worn them before)
    Bench - 330-340
    Pull - 675-700

    I have Josh Bryant doing my programming, I would highly recommend him and I can guarantee you that you will get stronger, and that you will earn it... So out of respect to his plan I will be relatively vague in my explanation of the Assistance and Special Work he prescribes... I train in my Garage Gym named Go Hard Barbell in Sebring
    My diet I feel is pretty solid, I follow John Kiefer's Carb Backloading Protocol and have been very successful with it... The process starts tomorrow, with Close Grip Bench Work, which basically ends up being an Upper Assistance day...
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