Hey guys (and gals), new to the forum and am pretty excited about learning and absorbing all I can from everyone!

I am currently looking to start competing in Powerlifting, but I am only at a 1,000lbs total at 225lbs, and feel I have so much room for improvements. I am planning on using Sheiko in the next couple of months to further my total. Do you believe this would be ideal? Can I hear some opinions/recommendations from some of the guys/gals who have been where I am and what you believe helped and is ideal for someone like me at 225 with only a 1000lb total?

I've been stuck at my current state for awhile (about a year or more). I know the lack of commitment to one system on my part probably plays a huge roll, but I find myself always and constantly plateauing every time I reach near my maxes, which is the reason for me switching up programs.

Just wondering what has worked for some of you, who at one time or another, had this issue?

My current goals are to reach a 1,500lb total.

Squat = 370lbs (5 reps ass-to-the-grass)
Bench = 225lbs (3 reps, hit 275lbs before and somehow lost 50lbs on my bench)
DL = 405 (6 reps, conventional stance, never really trained sumo, do you prefer sumo over conventional?)

Would a program, like Sheiko, that uses percentages based off maxes be ideal for me, or do you think a progressive overload/linear progression system to be better at my current stat?

Any help would be very much appreciated! Thanks in advance and happy to finally be part of the forums!