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Thread: losing weight

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    losing weight

    so im curently trying to loose weight i started at 206 im now down to goal weight is 170ish-180ish and am 5'7.

    so my questions:
    1] ive lost strength in my lifts will i gain that strength back after im done losing weight and how long will it take to get it back
    2] should i still be lifting while losing weight

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    1. It depends.
    2. Yes.

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    if your diet is really good then you could possibly lose weight while keeping your lifts the way they are or possibly even gain strength.

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    I don't know how experienced you are but i have lost 40 lbs while adding 40 lbs on bench deads, and sqaut in the last 6 months. This is probably newbie gains but lose the weight slow, eat alot of protein and keep the weight high. Deloads or breaks seem very important in this case.

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    Unless you're diet is spot on, you'll be losing strength while cutting. Just remember the goal is to lose weight, not be strong, or else you wouldn't be trying to lose weight. You can bulk up and get stronger after you lose your weight. And yes, be lifting while dieting/cutting.
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    Shouldn't take that long to get your strength back once you reach the weight you want. Eat lots of protein and nutrient dense foods to minimize strength loss
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