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    Mission 2013 - 300kg Deadlift

    So the new log begins...

    With new goals and a fresh training regime I figured it was a good time to make a fresh start with the journal too.

    Recent Happenings...
    Recently I cut weight to get back into the 83kg (183lbs) class and am now sitting at that mark with the goal to be to cut the body fat a wee bit more then slowly add lean mass to hopefully sit around the 84-85kg and compete raw in the U83kg category.

    My two most recent compeitions were on the 9th of June (@90.8kg 242.5kg/125kg/272.5kg=640kg total) then again on the 4th of August (@81.8kg 220kg/125kg/262.5kg=607.5kg total). Lost a bit but some of that was technicalities that can be easily fixed so I feel my strength is still slightly above those levels but time to focus on bringing the strength up and the technique.

    So for the rest of 2012 here are the objectives:

    Main Meet: Oceania Powerlifting Championships 7-9 December (IPF)
    Main Goal: Break Raw Oceania Deadlift, Squat & Total records. These are currently 272.5kg, 260kg & 687.5kg.

    Tester Meet: In seven weeks it is the Waikato Bay of Plenty (WBOP) Classic - I will use this as a tester of the success of the 6 week russian template I will be using for Squat & Bench Press
    Meet Goals: 245kg (540lbs) Squat - 140kg (308lbs) Bench Press - 270kg (595lbs) Deadlift

    The Plan
    My weaknesses need to be ironed out from the last meet. Mainly depth on squats & keeping the butt down on bench, as well as lifting the strength on those lifts as they are my weakest.

    I will run a 6 Week Russian Squat/Strength Cycle for my Squat & Bench Press. This will mean squatting & benching 3 times a week for the next six weeks before a deload before the WBOP meet. Mondays I will do deadlift accessory / back work, Wednesday will be squat accessory / leg work and Fridays will be bench accessory / upper body work. Whenever the easier 6by2 day is on a Monday I will try get some relatively heavy deadlifts in and on the alternate week simply do some speed deads.

    After the WBOP meet I will begin a Coan Phillipi Deadlift Cycle on Mondays and squat/bench twice a week extending the Russian 6 week cycle used earlier over 9 weeks (if it proves successful). That's the plan, can't wait to smash it!

    Please feel free to check out an subscribe to my YouTube Page & Facebook Page
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    Best Raw Lifts
    Squat 260kg (573lbs), Bench 150kg (330lbs), Dead 277.5kg (611lbs)

    My Journal

    Heading to the IPF Raw World Champs Suzdal, Russia, 2013

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