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Thread: Mission 2013 - 300kg Deadlift

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    Cheers JM, Coke, Tom, JLS, Luna & Nick! Appreciate the support an I should get a chance to check logs in the next two days. Been pretty hectic lately but get a bit more time soon team.

    Here's today's work...

    Wednesday 22nd August 2012

    W3D2 Russian Squat & Bench

    60kg * 5
    100kg * 3
    140kg * 2
    160kg * 1
    Work Sets - add WW & B
    185kg (407lbs) *6, *5, *5, *4, *4, *4, *4, *4

    Wanted to get the 6by6 but the 5th rep on the second set was a huge grind. Got a 3rd set of 5 and set to ensuring I got the 36 reps.

    Ground out the next 5 sets for four reps. Every third an fourth rep was a big battle. It was quite clearly one of toughest squat sessions of my life. Just focused on getting depth each rep and the depth pretty good (no video today).

    I got the 36 reps. Took a while and when I finished I just left it there - no benching. The elbows were a bit sore so saved it for Fridays tough session.
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