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    Staying Motivated

    Horrible at titles but whatever. Going to give a little back story. My best lifts are from when I was 17-18 with a 300 bench 370 Deadlift (I believe) and 380 squat at around 225.

    Now that was 4 years ago and I quit lifting because I didn't have the dedication to work as a landscaper 10-12 a day and lift. Now I still work labor but am finding the time and its going great. Been lifting solid for the last 6 months or so and my lifts are now a 275 Bench 350 deadlift (havn't maxed lately and did this for 6 singles a month ago) and a weak 285 squat. I missed 340 on the squat but that was about 3 months ago. 275x5 was my last set and it was pretty damn easy. Squat normally jumps easy so i've been working on the deads more. But that will change. I now weigh 185 and cutting 5-10 more lbs.

    Second week of westside and i'm loving the program so far. Please tell me anything I should tweak/doing wrong. People have mixed emotions about when they put the volume/intensity tricep work. I'm starting with intense on DE and volume on ME and will switch if it isn't working for me. All PR are since I got back into again because I don't feel like going through pages of lifts. And here it is

    DE Bench:
    8x3 115 + 35-40 lb chains

    Seated Military: Would like to do standing but my garage ceiling is too low... sucks Maybe try knealing?
    130x8 +5 pr

    Rack presses LV 8 on cage (upper arm is parallel to floor, my sticking point)
    195+35-40lbs chains x5 +10 Pr and the chains but went light last time

    Would like to do board presses instead but would like a partner to help spot so I'm doing these instead. Do you normally let weight just touch the rack or do you let the whole weight rest then press?

    DB rows:
    75x8 +5 PR

    Good day for being hung over
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