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Thread: Leg Press Machines – Have you noticed a difference?

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    Leg Press Machines – Have you noticed a difference?

    I have been to a number of gyms and I have yet to find 2 leg press machines that offer the same feeling.

    I recently changed gyms and have noticed a tremendous difference with the ‘flite’ leg press at this gym. I can do less weight (about 180 lbs less) but it feels like it’s hitting an entirely different area of my quads.

    Any one else get this?

    Also this gym has those new FAT Olympic bars and I swear my forearms have grown because of them, they are certainly working a bit harder to hold on during bent rows.

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    Yup. In fact, we've got two main angled leg presses at my gym; one clearly has a steeper angle than the other. I use the one with the higher angle; however, that's quickly coming to an end since it can only hold 8 plates on each side and a couple on the pin at the top.

    I'll use it as long as I can before I have to start on the other one, mainly because using a total of 20 plates on my current machine will translate into 11-12 plates on each side of the other-- which will suck.
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