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Thread: plateaus and leg presses

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    plateaus and leg presses

    Ive been reading the forums here almost daily in my freetime at work and I get a lot of good info and have been for quite a while. I have a few questions myself Im wondering if you guys can help me with.

    First is in my late teens i started curling almost daily, for well over a year. I ended up with big biceps and all my friends and I thought I was the shit because of it. about 9 years later my entire body seems to have surpassed my biceps by far and no joke Ive been curling the same amount for wellll over a year now. I lift weights very seriously 5 days a week and nothing has plateau'd except my biceps. They seem to be in an eternal state of 60 lb dumbells being my highest curl and 140 pounds on a barbell curl. Thats my highest, not my average reps either. I thought i could row and lat pull my way past the plateau but even as those go higher and higher my curls dont change one bit. Does anyone have any tips?

    One more question, Ive been doing Leg presses instead of squats for a few months now and Im making good progress weight wise, but is this a waste of my time? I sometimes feel like im cheating myself out of squats, but I seriously just do NOT like them. What do you guys think? get over it and squat? or can i actually acheive some nice mass over time doing heavy leg presses?

    Thanks in advance for any answers I appreciate it.

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    Get over it and Squat! I hated them at first, especially seeing as i'm i'm tall with long legs which made them more awkward and difficult. No amount of leg presses ever gave me the same leg development. Would help to have your full routine outlined to give you proper advice.
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    Stop focusing on your curls so much. I can't see a situation in which you may need to curl your way out of. Rows and lat pull downs do work your biceps, and aside from making you stronger overall I do not see them as a tool to increase someones curls specifically.

    As Kong just told you, unless you are hindered by some injury, you should be squatting. I do not think you would ever find anyone who would encourage you to replace the squat (full body functional movement) with a leg press. A leg press, like a leg curls or a straight legged deadlift are good accessory movements to supplement your squatting.
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    Gain 10-20 lbs and I'm sure your curls will go up.

    I hate squats too. You should get over it and squat at least once a week anyways.

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    I didn't mean to imply I'm particularly focused on curls I actually meant to ask if I stagnated my biceps by over curling earlier on, I meant to mention that curling was practically ALL I did in those early days. I'm gonna go with the eat bigger get bigger routine. sounds like the best option. thanks for the advice. I can't argue the squat logic. looks like its time to say bye bye to the leg press machine.

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