I've been visiting the boards for quite some time now, and have finally decided to introduce myself. I did actually post once a long long time ago when I actually had an answer to a question!

Here I am


Ignore that one non-gym pic

photo was taken last sat. weighing 180ibs at 6'3" yup I'm a stick

Most I ever weighed was 192. I got freaked out had plans to hit up the beach with some girls and went on a crash diet was only for a week but still did damage. Now I'm still cutting but slowly till summers over. I was dumbbell pressing 100s for 7 now I need to use the 85s seems a ridiculous strength loss so I don't think its permanent. Not sure how my other lifts have suffered yet.

My goal: Muscle and fitness style physique, yeah yeah "wannabebig" whatever lol. Its still better than mens health! hehe.

my problem: when I bulk my strength goes up but hypertrophy seems to have stagnented, most of my sets are performed in the 6-8 rep range. hopefully if I post more on my split someone can help me add some size. (though I guess it isn't urgent since I can't much do anything about it till summers over)