Realized today that since hitting my first 300# bench, I'm now benching the same as I squat. And that's just WRONG! So I hit up squats and went for a PR. Done. Was planning on working my way back down the weights and doing a little volume after the PR, but as soon as I racked the 305, everything got real blurry, dark and tingly real quick. Even put me on the floor. After I shook the cobwebs out I decided I should probably call it a day. Which sucks because I think I had 310 in the tank too. Oh well. Gives me something to do next week. I did realize that I'm wasting way too much time/energy on my warmup with squats. I'd normally do 2-3 sets with the bar and each of the 2 lower weights before jumping under 255. Today I did the bare minimum and it felt awesome! This knowledge is gonna really increase my strength curve.

115 x 10
185 x 5
255 x 2
285 x 1
305 x 1* PR