Saturday ME Lower

Zercher squats
275 x 5 x 3

Bulgarian split squats w/ Safety Bar
65 x 8
115 x 8
155 x 8

GHR back raises
BW x 25 x 3
Pull throughs
Average band x 15 x 3

Today was alright, my left hip/glute was sore after the squats so assistance was lighter with higher reps.

This is a lingering soreness after losing a ME squat forward about a year and a half ago. It has prevented me from doing speed squats and heavy good mornings. When I arch hard, as soon as I start to lift the weight off the pins my hips tuck under from the pain, despite repeated efforts to work through it and hold it tight.

So instead of speed squats I do box jumps, kneeling squat jumps and speed deads. When I do ME squats, I try to just maintain my position throughout since I can't unrack the weight while arching hard. My hip gets sore still but not for as long as it would from a set of speed squats. It usually is recovered enough by the next ME day.

I have tried massage, ART and chiropracter and they only provide short term relief. As soon as I squat again it is just as sore. Now I am trying ice baths since they worked wonders for my arm problems, but I am not getting results like I did with my arms.

About three months ago, I had been having issues with overhead work for a couple months. The weights I was using kept decreasing, until I went from about 135lb overhead press to barely being able to do 85lbs. As time went on, I also couldn't bench in a shirt because my hands would fall asleep to the point my hand couldn't squeeze the bar and it would just roll off. I was having trouble sleeping after about 6 hours, since my arms would fall asleep.

I started a job detailing cars at about this time, and after less than two weeks it got to the point I could only sleep a couple hours at a time before getting up to ice my elbows. When I woke up one morning and couldn't open and close my hand I quit my job.

A training partner who is also a massage therapist suggested I ice my forearms as they were very inflamed. I iced them every day for fifteen minutes in cold water and ice for about a week. At this point I had no trouble sleeping anymore.

It was only a couple weeks before the qualifier for WPC Worlds though, and I had a brand new shirt since I had outgrown my old ones. I am not spectacular in a shirt, plus the shirt was a size too small, so I wasn't able to get anything to touch before the meet. I benched raw to get a total.

Now I have an old Ace and a new Jack. Had great success in the size 54 Ace last week, pushing up 305 without too much trouble. That was a 30lb PR even the shirt was very loose. Can't wait to give the size 50 Jack a try Sunday!