Well after one of the most wonderful summers on a personal home note, things got even sweeter. I was able to be part of Brandon Lilly's Cube method test group!!!!!

Brandon is one of the lifters I've followed for a while and enjoyed his videos for sometime and really enjoyed his ideas about training. As such to be accepted is an honor and my first opportunity to get actual programming from someone to help me get stronger based on knowledge and feedback and eliminating some of my ideas that as the past has shown are often incorrect.

So as a result of this new training method, for now this will be my log going forward through this journey.

As of the last week of July, I tested my maxes on the big 3 and got the following results:

Squat - 405lbs
Bench - 270lbs
Dead - 465lbs

These are my benchmark numbers going into this test group and my hope is to make a better run - I'd like to reach a 500lb deadlift at the end of this cycle, a solid 450lb squat and would love at least a 300lb bench.

So really the only x-factor is going to me busting my butt to make this work.

And I'm ready more than I've ever been, simply because I finally feel like I understand what I have to do to push myself and know that I can accomplish these goals if I dedicate all my being.

To poorly quote Vincent Dizenzo "look at your numbers as having limitless potential rather than as being poor".

So, leading up to day 1, I continued on my 5/3/1 template just using my numbers from week 1 to get back in the gym after my 3 week holiday.

Let's go!