I've been doing some research (Something I'm not all that good at) and I'm trying to understand when a person might benefit from this product or if there are cases in which diet is enough or other factors make it less worthy of my money when compared to being able to get more Nitrean instead.

I'm trying to lose body fat. I'm on a 5x5 full body workout with (And this is new) 4 days a week of cardio in various forms (On a bike, rowing machine, several rounds with a heavy punching bag etc). I'm on a calorie restricted diet and try to keep my carbs under 150 grams per day, something I've found to be easier than I expected. I keep my protein intake high with Nitrean, 4 scoops over the course of a day and the rest made up of chicken/fish/beef (More chicken and fish though). Carbs mostly veggies with my highest carb food being brown rice or sweet potatoes.

There are days I workout in the morning after breakfast. Sometimes I workout after work. I seem to have more energy after work and can lift harder or play longer at this time. I would've imagined it the other way around.

So would BCAA work for me or am I getting what I need out of my diet? I've seen some articles saying that while exercising you are using up BCAA in your muscle tissues and that having a BCAA drink to sip on while working out would be good to prevent muscle loss. Then some, on here, say they take it pre-workout. Another article had something about how BCAA help with insulin, but I didn't quite understand that part.

I'm trying to learn. Hopefully someone can explain to me or point me to some good reading material on the subject. Or if I'd benefit from them in any way and in what way I would benefit most, pre-workout, post-workout (Already have a mix of Nitrean + and 1 scoop of Opticen + for my PWO shake) or during...or if I should be taking more or less on certain days.

Sorry if this is a long complicated question, I'd be happy with just links to articles and a short version answer to this question.