Hi all!!
OK!! Let's see if we can settle this once and for all...

I never used to do much cardio, whether bulking or cutting and had good results.
When I cut, I would consume only 100g quality carbs a day, the exception being from veggies with my meals (but never potato...)

I lift, still heavy, in the MORNING, between 6 to 8 reps when I train, but now I like to do LOW intensity cardio ON THE SAME DAY, in the EVENING, strictly for fat loss.

I consume 50g carbs PRE lifting workout and follow that with 50g carbs POST lifting workout, and the rest of my day would be from fats and the afformentioned vegetables.

NOW, the dilemma: I understand that you can do away with the carbs BEFORE LOW intensity cardio (45-60mins) for fat loss. But what about afterwards? Can you get away with a protein shake or MUST you consume carbs as well?

If the answer is YES, and based on the fact I only consume 100g carbs daily, How many carbs should I consume PRE and POST weightlifting so that I can consume the remainder after LOW intensity cardio in the evening? (Also so my workouts don't suffer and to minimize muscle loss)
Eg: 35g PRE weights, 35g POST weights, then 30g POST CARDIO????

(I don't want to hear about HIIT, that's a different story...
Nor cardio straight after weights)

(Sorry if I come across angry sounding, but everywhere I look people are going on about HIIT or cardio DIRECTLY after training and it's beginning to annoy me, that's all...I just want a simple answer to what I think is a straightforward question)

Thanks in advance, everyone!!