SOOooo from doc's orders, took friday saturday and sunday completely off.

Monday I did the wussiest machine chest/shoulder workout you could imagine, 15% weight and 20% effort.. had one slight headache in the beginning when effort was maybe 40% so I backed it down.

Tuesday a bunch of single leg machine stuff, verrryy light, no headache! Ended up playing a little basketball at night and felt good.

Wednesday was feeling better, did a medium intensity machine back workout, played basketball and an intense soccer game and felt good. Also got an 80 minute massage with a bunch of attention to my neck and she showed me the issue.

Thursday: Actually a workout (sorta), barely worth mentioning but for recording purposes!
Thurs May 23, lunch s hill
10 min mob
RE Upper: cg floor press against quad micros
bar x 8
bands x 8
95 + bands x 8
115 + bands x 8
135 + bands x 8
145 + bands x 8
155 + bands x 7, stopped short of super hard work

Bunch of curls
dips + hammer curls
banded rolling db extension + reverse curls
overhead push downs

3 sets of isometric side raises
3 sets of isometric curls