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Thread: Why do i feel so sick after intense cardio?

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    Why do i feel so sick after intense cardio?

    Hi there, I've been doing hill running recently, and when i'm done, i usually feel as if i'm going to throw up and very dizzy. I take a multi-vitamin every day and usually maintain a well balanced diet???? Any ideas? In the past, when i would even do a hard mile or mile and a half, i would generally only be out of breath and tired, but not dizzy and sick.


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    Because its intense, look at the whole debate about cardio.

    Some believe intensity is more important than sustained workload.

    I disagree, I think some people are built for running and some arent, you dont have to run and fatigue yourself to strengthen your heart. Even if it may be the best way.

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    ahhh just keep doing it. what wont kill you will only make u stronger.
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    After a hard cardio session I often feel the same.

    Do you eat before cardio, well at least get something in perhaps an hour before? Often if i go in very light on my stomach i feel worse after.

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    yeah it'd be a good idea to have a powerbar or something about a hour before. And stay hydrated. keep drinking water through your workout.

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    samething happens to me, even see spots everyonce in a while.

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    I feel that way all the time after any really intense workout untill the endorphins kick in and then I feel great. It just comes with the territory. You might want to work on your breathing though that might help the dizzy feeling. And as stpatrick says, stay hydrated. I try to get down at least .5 of a liter of water during a workout and another .5 right after.
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    If intense cardio makes you sick, don't do it.

    You don't even really need cardio.

    I run a mile 3 days a week because I've started to enjoy it, if you dont' like to run don't do it.

    I've lost another 6 lbs so far since I started eating less and still just lifting hard, so I really don't think cardio is needed, cuz a mile sure as hell ain't gonna burn fat.
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