Hi everyone I have posted an introduction in the general chat. I am currently 11 weeks out from my first comp in November in Bournemouth, England where I will be lifting as a junior in the raw 125kg class. I follow a very basic westside conjugate program of training right now and I am going through a plateau with bench and deadlift. Any advice is welcome.

This is what my training so far this week has consisted of.

ME Deadlift (3rd September)

I was hoping my injured hand I got from heavy grip training would not be too troublesome today. This was probably the worst lift I could have chosen for today but my lockout is suffering so it is perfect

Rack Pull (Below knees)

Warmed up quickly just using light weights and low reps on this lift. Got up to 220kg and done an easy double (This is actually a big PR for this lift without straps, which proves how weak my grip was). I loaded the bar to 260kg and my hand was already bleeding again and starting to rip so I could not grab the bar tight to get started.
I put on straps and done a messy double as pulling this way is so different and feels horrible now.Had to leave it there as could not use my left hand at all today now.

Assistance lift

7x Front squat: 100x4, then 6 doubles with 120kg. This was not heavy but I was in a foul mood after the rack pulls and could not get 100% committed to it so ended up doing 120kg (75%) over and over for deep sets without pushing it or adding weight. I also got a tweak in my upper back.

Had to scrap ultra wide sumo for obvious reasons....I really need to use heavy grip training sparingly as it can really screw up a whole cycle

Abs Accessory work

Db side bend: 45x12/47.5x8/50x6/40x13
Decline sit-ups: 30x20/40x8-10+drop set
Reverse pulldown abs: 2x sets 8-12 reps

I did not need to rely on my hands for this so pushed it hard and there is still great progress being made weekly with trunk strength.

ME Bench (5th September)

Incline Bench Press (Max legal width).....Back In February I maxed out with 145kg using a medium grip (My worst grip)

I worked up today trying to beat that and when I got to my first lift over 90% with 130kg I had to struggle for a sloppy single. I feel very unstable on the bench and my triceps still feel weak, weaker than what they were. My biceps are hurting when I press also. I moved onto light weight and practicing form.

Overhead Press: 75x6/80x4/70x3-4+60x5-6

Db Incline Hammer: 4x sets....i struggled getting reps with the 80lb Db's.
Db elbows out ext: 4x sets with the 45lb'ers
Chin up: BWx10,5,3
Wide Pulldown: 2x 8
3x high rep machine inverse fly

I have hit a plateau obviously and I am clearly going backwards. I need to figure out what I have being doing so wrong that is causing both the deadlift and bench press to drop off

GPP session (5th Sep)

10+ mins foam rolling quads, back and biceps
3x Db hammer curl: Needed straps with 26s and 28s just because of left hand injury and does not feel as good but just glad to stimulate biceps again
4-5 supersets of pushdown and face pull
some extra sets on machine inverse fly

GPP (6th Sep)
Done some more extra work for the priority bench press groups, lats and triceps
Kept it light…4x wide Pulldowns, 4x tate presses, 3x rope pushdown
Not much work. My work capacity is not that good yet if I am being honest.

DE Squat (7th September)

20 minutes of upper mobility, bench press technique work and lower mobility.

"10.5" Box Squat (Max Width/Low bar)
10x2 all with 120kg and -1 min rest intervals........Big improvement from last week in that I increased the volume and kept the weight constant and was able to push my feet all the way out to the sides of the rack and keep them pretty straight despite using my lowest box height.
Speed improved with each and every set as did form. Only problem was setting up under the bar and keeping it steady.

Tried to do speed pulls but cannot grab the bar tight with my torn up left hand. This is a lesson being learned here about overdoing the grip work.

5x4 Suspended GM: 100/110/115/120/125kg...........I had to round my mid to upper back but feels alright. I am starting these very deep and am using a straight elieko bar so think it is acceptable.

Erectors and Abs work
3x Seated GM: 60x10/65x8/70x6
3x Decline sit up: 30x21/40x10/40x8
3x Pulldown Abs: pin 10 x 10,10,10

Done everything after warm up in roughly 1hr on empty stomach.