Squats and Deadlift

Decided to scrap DE work. Do not think there is any point doing straight weight speed work like I used to do as I will not get the desired benefit without adding chains or bands. Obviously I will pick it up again in time for the start of next training cycle so will need to purchase the bands and look into getting chains somehow.


Back in the old power rack now (moved back to commercial gym) and able to widen my stance so will need to work on the hip mobility hard again for this stance as my knees are coming in when I am deep.

Warm up: Romanian deadlift with bar + 60kg to warm up posterior chain + pushdowns for elbows
Add belt
200x1...........Will open with this on Dec 8th where I will find out relaiable pre-cycle numbers
220x1...............It is impossible for me to gauge depth on these heavy lifts when I train alone so not sure about it. Know I can get this for at least a 3rd lift on the 8th.

Finally I am regularly squatting over the 200 kg mark. Need to strive for this on all squat variations during training now. It is the only lift really going anywhere right now.

Stiff leg deadlift (straps/touch & go/no belt)

170 x 5
175 x 3
180 x 4.................Think this is a good exercise for my lockout.

Shrugs (Using little momentum...Aim is not trap development but to feel big weight like at the very top of a deadlift and help that final push to lockout, plus it is superior form of grip training as weights are realistic and the bar is moving as opposed to staying static)

180 x 12
220 x 10
240 x 4...............Hands are doing well. This weight used to tear them up just holding it but now can shrug it with no straps.

Pulldown abs

3 sets: 15, 13, 15......Stronger on these despite rarely ever dropping them for long

Db side bend

25 kg x 50 per side (cluster set w/no rest)

Felt much better after this than all the other post-comp sessions so far.