Squat....1st free squats in 5 weeks since last comp at the same venue

warm up: bar/60/60/100/140
Belt on early.....obviously must have been feeling weak without it
160 x 1
180 x 1
200 x 1
205 x 1
210 x typical cave over near lockout miss/think 1st time i've missed a 210 squat

Done some work with a wider grip at lower %'s and felt better. Dt seem to have the mobility for close grip despite forcing it lately.
Also need to get back to doing proper mobility warm ups as my knees are not flaring and my ass is tucking worse than ever.

Dt know for sure why I bombed. I have box squatted a lot longer in between free squats than this and been fine. Felt crappy even un-racking though even with better bars etc and have never had great or even very good technique on any lift so a lot of the technical issues have kind of been there.
Might be my smaller waist and lighter body weight. Im down 4 notches on my belt since last time I squatted.

Deadlifts w/red and blue bands
12 x 1 w/140 kg........I hope this helps my lockout. Also thinking about trying my belt on higher for deadlift as I have zero problems getting the bar up past the knees.