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Thread: Squat help follwoing on from post not so long back (video now)

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    Squat help follwoing on from post not so long back (video now)

    Fella's, some of you may remember I posted a while back about fixing my squat form, it was from a 500lb squat and max attempt. The main things I got out of it were bring my grip in, which I've done a few finger spaces, nut up and get my upper back tight and basically keeping getting stronger, Im 6 weeks out from my meet, and this was tonights top set of 5, Ive previously left lbs in the tank weeks before with alot more volume beforehand so tonight was a push. Not gonna leave my thoughts, just want you guys to help me out and see if I agree with the stuff mentioned and continue to work on them.

    Im rambling, here we go.: 440x5

    lets get me a BIG PR come meet time! thanks in advance
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    Id make an effort to think about keeping your knees pushed out so theyre not wiggling around. And as for the grip, i grip much narrower just because it helps me keep my back tight but if you dont have problems with that then its fine.

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    I agree with Justin: try gettin' the grip in a tad more (I'd say about a hand's width each side).
    Then it's "chest up" and "knees out": have your spotter/s cue you.
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