12 days ago I was flat benching, warming up with 185, and a few reps in I noticed a dull pain in my right pec. It wasn't like a pop/snap all of a sudden type of thing, it seemed to have just faded in from nothing. With each rep it got worse so by the 6 rep mark I just shut down the bench workout. It's located deep in the pec, right between the outer edge and dead center.

By the time I got home it was very tight/sore so I iced it for about half an hour. It has improved every day until I didn't notice any more pain, but I also hadn't worked my chest at all during that time until yesterday. I took it very easy yesterday to monitor how it felt. I ended with 185 for about 7 and decided not to push it any further. Didn't feel any pain, thought I was out of the woods.

Today I have slight chest soreness, along with that same strain-like pain in my right pec. It intensifies if I do any sort of chest movement like a push up, and hurts the most at the bottom of the rep. Does this just sound like a run of the mill strained muscle? I'm assuming resting it for a few weeks is the only option. Any advice?