I am a very nooby lifter.. which is why if any pro is reading this. I tried getting advice from youtube but I want to know from people head on. you see. im in high school right. over the past years I've developed a particular body that I can't shed off. I'm a varsity swimmer...swim during season and through off season and I specialise in butterfly and breast stroke.. And if you're not familiar with those strokes it focuses primarily on the shoulders, and pectorals are connected to the shoulders. So as the years went by, me vigorously grinding that area I became to have huge shoulders and pectorals. the only problem is that I never weight lifted so it's like naturally formed with out any tone. so I have a decent amount of pectoral mass with muscle but at the end is fat that I need to get rid of. I have access to a gym with the necessities to do a lot but I can only be in there 5 days a week for 40 minutes a day. So a couple things I need help with:

-losing fat in pectoral area
-how to firm them
-how to balance mass

what I've been doing..

5 7x105-bench pressing
5 5x25-military dumb bell press
3x100, 3x140, 3x180, 3x200-butterfly machine
7x50, 6x50, 5x50, 4x50, 3x50, 2x50, 1x50 -standing bar curls
3 10x95 inclined bench press

I know that's pretty wimpy to you guys but I'm not a body builder -.- I know you're not supposed to work a specific body part every day so I mix it up on different days and some times i do recovery work outs

yeah that's really only the main body part I need to do.. I do core and ab work outs some days of the week and my bi's, tri's, back, and shoulders have good complexions so those areas aren't my main focus. Right now is football season and I play fullback so my back is always in pain during this season. The conditioning is very hard but I feel as if it's not good enough to do the job. right now I'm not a diet and eating what ever but I'm watching weight. I stay away from salty foods, saturated fats, high fructose corn syrup. I know going on a diet wouldn't be a good idea because I need energy to do what I do a on daily basis.. but maybe I'm wrong?

so yeah... need advice please, do you think this is gonna work out?