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Thread: Fending off time

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    Fending off time

    OK here we go..

    I just turned 50. I have been running heavy for some time. I am not a small person so its wears on my chassis pretty badly.
    I just had a shoulder surgery back in February for a fall I had back in December. tore my left shoulder pretty bad. the right one was rebuilt back in `07 and my right knee was wrecked in `02 and the surgery to fix it was a bust from day one in `04.
    June of `11 I finally got a new knee to replace the one that was destroyed during surgery in `04.
    now I have to make up for lost time. I have spent so much time in PT the place offered me a job since I was there as much as the folks who worked there . at this point I would like to get back to where I was at about age 30. I would be happy with that.
    currently I am..
    6'5" at 348 lbs
    50 years old
    32% BMI

    205x5 3 sets
    225x5 3sets
    135x20 3 sets

    seated shoulder press with dumbbells (new to my sets)3111 tempo
    20x10 4 sets
    20x10 2 sets

    ab machine
    95 x 100 2 sets

    tri extensions. I took it easy with over head cable
    90 x 10 3 sets

    seated fly
    160 x 12 3 sets

    seated row
    100x20 2 sets

    arm curls
    55x10 2 sets

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    OK guys the shoulders doing good. I got my free bar going again. my arm balance is much better and I managed 2 sets of 10 with one plate and chains on each side. also did my close grip extensions on the smith machine. did some dumbbell work and a few shoulder presses.
    my pal Dan was setting up the leg press for his reps. he is a couple years older then me and a foot shorter. he had 20 plates and 2 100lb plates on the 45* incline press. I asked if I could slip in and do a set. no problem!
    I was feeling very good after 5 reps to 90* knee. anyways he added a plate on each side after his set to get his next set on. I waited till he finished and added another plate to each side.. I did another 5 rep set to 90* knee. total plus machine is 1355lbs.
    I'm quite happy I was hoping to break 1200 by my birthday and wasn't feeling up to it.

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    well I have been sick as a dog since the last work out. I got stung by a bee at work last week. it swelled up my arm and it turned red. never had that happen before? I figure between that and the cold I caught it beat me down bad. so bad in fact i stayed home from work Thurs. & Friday. just felt like crap. missed my work out Saturday in lue of antique shopping with the wife & kids.
    Today I started off good enough, feel better just coughing up crap that's been trapped in my lungs. did a couple sets at the gym at the shop for my shoulders and just did did two sets of 35lb dumbbells.

    this evening i started out with..
    4 sets of dumbbells and was doing fine with 35lbers and went up to 40lbers for one set.
    did over head tri pull downs with 140lbs 3 sets
    My pal Dan had the leg machine set up again so I did one set of 5 with 24 plates.
    I did manage 3 sets of squats with the safety bar. I don't like it. its real ungainly.
    did 3 sets of bench press with 1 plate on each side and the 4th set with chains added.

    I'm wore out now

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    well yesterday went well. they fixed the tricep machine I like. was able to get back to loading my repaired shoulder. it was doing well
    tricep extensions
    2 x 10 6 plates
    1 x 10 6 + 2/25lbers

    seated shoulder dumbbells
    3 x 10-12 35lbs
    1 x 12 40lb

    45lb arm curls 2 sets of 20

    3 sets of hack squats
    2 x 10 4 plates
    1 x 10 6 plates

    smith machine bench press
    3 sets
    2 x 10 135
    1 x 10 185

    seated one handed rows was light
    110lbs 20 reps each way

    oh yeah my weight is up...bad. 349.5

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    well I tortured my self this week. Monday I was at the gym for an hour or so and one of my sons got sick. I was doing shoulders and traps and was going quit well. I sure seams like being sick a couple weeks earlier really took me down a couple notches? I haven't felt this depleted in some time. makes it hard to get back. anyways me and my other son went back the next day to finish arms and chest. just felt drained. could hardly lift.
    what I could do Monday...
    I used a Jam'n brand arm press (seated).
    4 plates 10 reps 3 sets
    6 plates 2 sets of 2

    flat on my back I did 3 sets of 45lbs 10 reps each
    then one set of 50lbs the max my shoulder has been able to do at this point.

    wanted to do bench press but had to go.

    Tuesday tried to finish up
    seated rows 100lbs on the machine to warm up

    skull crushers on the machine
    3 sets of 140 10 reps
    straight bar pull ups
    10 reps of 40lbs to warm up my traps and then 10 more with 90lbs
    did a few minutes on the ab machine but just felt heavy at 95lb two sets of 40 reps
    (makes me tired thinking about it)

    my buddy asked if I wanted in on his leg sets he had set up. did a few reps of 975 and then a few more of 1155. didn't feel great doing it just got it done. really wore me out for the next day. I was supposed to go back and lift today with kids but ones sick and the other is at Cedar point. be back at it Monday

    on a side note I crushed my diet yesterday.
    had 5 donuts.. I couldn't help myself

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    well after a couple weeks off I got back yesterday. layed low giving my shoulder some rest and time to heal. last trip seemed to get it pretty angry pain wise.
    any ways I have been doing mostly arms and shoulders. did tri's a bit and seated arm press. started a new one I found here it seams to do more for my lower back and waste more then my other stuff. my left arm & shoulder don't mind it as much either. I did 3 sets of 10 with 20lber and let it be at that. was a good starting point.

    on a side note my back felt great today when I got up. no tightness in my lower so its not beating me up yet.

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