OK here we go..

I just turned 50. I have been running heavy for some time. I am not a small person so its wears on my chassis pretty badly.
I just had a shoulder surgery back in February for a fall I had back in December. tore my left shoulder pretty bad. the right one was rebuilt back in `07 and my right knee was wrecked in `02 and the surgery to fix it was a bust from day one in `04.
June of `11 I finally got a new knee to replace the one that was destroyed during surgery in `04.
now I have to make up for lost time. I have spent so much time in PT the place offered me a job since I was there as much as the folks who worked there . at this point I would like to get back to where I was at about age 30. I would be happy with that.
currently I am..
6'5" at 348 lbs
50 years old
32% BMI

205x5 3 sets
225x5 3sets
135x20 3 sets

seated shoulder press with dumbbells (new to my sets)3111 tempo
20x10 4 sets
20x10 2 sets

ab machine
95 x 100 2 sets

tri extensions. I took it easy with over head cable
90 x 10 3 sets

seated fly
160 x 12 3 sets

seated row
100x20 2 sets

arm curls
55x10 2 sets