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    Beach Body

    Hi I'm 6ft tall 185 pounds. I eat a lot of crap and not any fruits or vegetables. I also drink alot of soda. Im always tired and a little off. I want to change my unhealthy habits and life style. I want a skinny but toned beach body. Here is what I want to look like. Or This is what I look like. Any diet or exercise suggestions. Maybe a diet plan that I can stick with so I keep a healthy life style for ever. Im a very motivated person. I use to be really skinny. I am just use to eating anything I want. but that has caught up to me and now I am gaining weight especially in my stomach. I will sometimes go hours with out eating and then be so hungry I will eat everything insite. I rarely eat breakfast and eat most of my meals in the evening espcially snacks that have a lot of fat and caleries in them. I tried following a bodybuilding diet a couple of years ago and it didnt work because I couldn't get all the food down espcially in the morning so I gave up. I would love a plan eating small meals thru out the day. I dont like eating tuna or any kind of fish. But other then that I will give it a try. Thanks for the help and advice.
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    I would recommend starting strength in the beginning for quick strength gains and after that you can go with hct
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