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    New To This...Not to Powerlifting

    This is a good platform and since I need to be better at keeping a log in general this looks like an ideal place to do it. I've been working in multi-ply lifting for just short of a year now and have been powerlifting in all for 2 years. I train at Iron Sport Gym with the best crew in the east JERSEY IRON POWERLIFTING. I have totaled pro in both multi-ply meets I have competed in at 242 in the RPS. 2100 in April 2012 and Just recently at RPS Worlds I went 9 for 9 and totaled a 2325 with 975 squat 700 bench and 650 deadlift. Ive got a lot to room to spare and plenty of growth to make. Next meet is slated for February 2013 in the RPS. Looking for 2400+ there. And not that I think it matters and I don't care if you do...I've always been and am currently Drug-Free.

    Here are my last two lifts coming back from RPS Worlds.

    Sat 9/15 Squat + Deads (Raw Day)
    Squat: 4x4 @ 405
    Deads: 4x3 @ 315
    45 deg Hypers 3x15 @ 25
    Pull-Ups 3xFailure @ Bwt
    Abs (unweighted decline bench lower and upper)

    Monday 9/17 Bench (Raw Day)
    Bench 4x5 @ 315 / 1x1 @ 405
    DB Flat 3x10 @ 85 Neutral Grip
    Rear Delt 3x10 120/135/160
    Heavy DB Rows 3x6 @ 140

    I can't wait to get my CNS back under me and start training for the meet. This is boring but necessary.
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