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    My Journal -- Jersey Iron Powerlifting

    Not really sure how to start, so I'll start with a little background.
    Since March 2009, I had one goal in mind, and that was to get my life back to happy. I didn't even know what happy was, but I was about 500 lbs with practically zero muscle on me and at that point I just wanted to die. Instead I started fighting back. I started off slow, just eating better and simple workouts, by September I had almost quit, I was tired and just being lazy. That December my friend was going to the gym to work out, he said print a guess pass and go, so I did. Rocky was the movie on that day, and i busted out 25 minutes on the elliptical. And from that day on I have yet to quit. I spent 2 years on the elliptical, just trying drop fat, it did its job, i went from 500 to 340. but I also burnt out. About 1 year ago, I started lifting again..I worked hard and just wanted to get my weights up. After being approached to Power Lift I didn't blow it off completely I just denied it at the time. But I kept it in the back of my head. I'd say in about July I approached the idea, and talked to Tone. He came up with a plan for me and some workouts to do and I'm falling in love with it all. I didn't push myself at first..I have a fear of I have failed before, but with the right group I know they can push me. After this past weekend or training with Jersey Iron Powerlifting I found out 2 of my numbers and hope to find out one more this week. I'm honored to train with them, They helped push me and kept me focused and though they didn't know me, the helped me become better, even in one day. I will be back at Iron Sport to train with them again. I'm glad to know that they have my back, when I do my first meet on December 1, 2012.

    32 years old
    387 lbs

    As of now this is where I stand (pre meet):
    Squats: 255
    Deadlift: 365
    Bench: ?

    First Meet:
    Squat: 315
    Bench: 230
    Deadlift: 400
    This is where i stand as of now, and will train to up them all for the next meet. I just started the Smolov Squat program. and also trying to lose fat.. I have a lot going on, so i expect bigger result from my next meet

    I will weigh myself today or tomorrow morning.

    My Schedule is a little mixed up right now, but will be more solid once I figure it all out.

    Just as an outline
    Bench and Back
    Squats and Deadlifts
    Cardio Day
    Secondary Legs
    Secondary Upper Body
    Cardio Day
    Sunday will likely always be my off day.

    Normally I'd do he elliptical for 1/2 hour - 45 minutes or longer depending on how I feel.
    today I did this (as this is what I was told to do, and I don't back away from a challenge):
    From back of the Gym to the front (distance unknown, i can figure that out) Carry one plate and leave at the front go back and get another. do this 6 times, then bring them from the front, back to the back. Goal: Under 12 Minutes. Rest 5 minutes and then do again, except this time carry 2 plates. Same idea, from back of the gym to the front, drop them off and go get 2 more. Do this 6 times, and then bring them back. Goal: under 8 minutes.

    All said and done, the first round with 1 plate was done in 9minutes and 38seconds. Round 2 with 2 plates was done in 8minutes and 45seconds.

    Took just over 18 minutes..I will beat these times. I planned on doing the elliptical or push ups after. Both my arms and legs weren't having it. That wont be the deal next time, Next time I push harder.

    Today will be Secondary Upper body.
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