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    The Riddle Of Iron

    This will be my final journal that I open here at WBB. I want to be consistent and document my progress through time as I unlock the shackles of the monster within. I have accomplished many things in this game so far and gone farther than I ever thought or planned. It took me awhile to muster up new goals but I have finally arrived. I am embracing the beast within and letting him out now. I don't know how far I will go and I don't know where I will wind up. I have a path though, and I must follow. I may suffer injuries, setbacks and loss, but this game is all I know anymore. I accept it for what it is and am defined by it now. I have been "Forged." And I love that.

    As for "The Riddle of Iron;" well it's a play on Conan The Barbarian's "The Riddle of Steel." What is iron without the strength that lifts it. Iron is only as heavy as the flesh that wields it. Flesh will always be strongest. Mind over matter.

    Long Term Goals
    Bodyweight: 195 (currently 170)
    Squat: 500 (currently 370)
    Bench Press: 350 (currently 270)
    Deadlift: 650 (currently 510)

    The plan is to stick with the Westside training method to reach my goals. I foam roll before each session and get about 1-2 GPP sessions per week. Currently I am training calves and forearms for 20-30 minutes every other day outside of my workouts, as I believe they are weak point that need extra attention. I am 100% drug free and lift raw; by USAPL standards. I have a ways to go with my goals but I think with some hard work and patience, I can make it happen.

    Links to my old journals:
    Not Forgotten - Kiaran's Garage Training (2010-2012)
    Wanna be 1337 scary (2004-2010)
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    32 yo - 5'6" - 170 lbs
    USAPL Meet PRs (Raw @154 lbs): 347 SQ, 242 BP, 507 DL, 1096 TOTAL
    Gym PRs: 370 SQ, 270 BP, 510 DL

    The Riddle Of Iron - Kiaran's Garage Training Log

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