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Thread: unracking barbell in squat

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    unracking barbell in squat

    Hi guys, it has been said the set up is they key to a big squat and the trouble im having is upper back tightness. I feel tight when i unrack the bar by keeping my head down and swinging my hips under to unrack but sometimes i end up hunched over and due to swinging my hips in walking out all unstable at max loads.
    i have tried to look up and think just squat the weight up out of racks first , lt it settle and set up , but when i keep head up and try squat the weight up , i feel really loose and the weight feels 10x heavier

    any advise???

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    Where is your hand placement on the bar? And are you squeezing the bar? I had the same problem and moved my hands out further on the bar and made sure I squeezed the shit out of it. That has helped me keep upper back tightness a lot better.
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    Always look up when I unrack the bar. Try that.
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