I know it's good to cycle rep ranges in most situations to keep the muscles guessing, but I'm a bit confused on if I'm supposed to bump weight or drop weight when going from hypertrophy range to strength range.

To clarify, I've heard some people suggest that if you're doing rep ranges of 8-10x3 then its good to drop down to the 4-6 range, but then I hear them say DROP the weight and do a 5x5. <----- Dropping the weight for the lower rep ranges is what confuses me.

Technically 4-6 reps is our strength range correct? So shouldn't I be increasing the weight? The whole concept to me would be to increase strength so when returning to hypertrophy range we can increase the weight more easily, thus leading to more gains. But according to what I have heard I would be doing something like this....

Deadlift - 250x10x3 (hypertrophy)
Deadlift - 225x5x5 ???

I'd think it would be more effective to increase the weight, but maybe its suggested to drop the weight and do 5x5 because that creates more volume. That's only speculation to me.

Could someone please clarify this?