2012 R.A.W United North American Championship Meet results

Week of the meet
The weight cut wasn't as bad as my last meet. But I do think it hurt me this time around. All week I didn't do anything besides sleep and hang around the house. I didn't do anything to keep loose and mobile. This was just me being lazy. I wanted to get my back adjusted like I always do, but I didn't. Oh well, lesson learned, time to move on.

Everything was going good while I was warming up to squat, until my last set of 575 when my groin became sore and tender, WTF! I don't think it's anything major, but it did hurt to squat just my bodyweight. Doesn't matter, the show must go on, lol.

1st attempt: 625-Good
2nd attempt: 665-Good for a 10lb meet PR!
3rd attempt: 675- No good

Warming up for the bench went pretty well. I'm not a fan of the benches they use on the platform or warm-up area (very soft pads) My back was cramping up and my shoulder was still acting up from the OHP injury a couple weeks ago. It didn't hurt while pressing, so thank god for that! My last warm-up was 365?.? (I think) and it moved pretty good.

1st attempt: 420-Good
2nd attempt: 430-Good
3rd attempt: 440-No good

Everything felt pretty good warming up to deadlift. 405 is loaded on the bar, so I went and grabbed my belt and powder so I can have it ready for 495. When it was time for me to put my belt on, I noticed that I GRABBED THE WRONG BELT FROM MY HOUSE!!! I grabbed my old belt which happens to be my very first powerlifting belt when I was 17 years old. So of course it fit like a charm, lol. It must of brought me good luck!!!

1st attempt: 655-Good
2nd attempt: 705-Good for a 5lb meet PR
3rd attempt: 720-Good for a 20lb meet PR

1815 for a 25lb meet PR

A big thanks to my wife and kids for supporting me and having my back! My wife is the best, she carried our 8 week old baby around for most of the day and still managed to get video of my attempts. Also, I want to thank Tone Barbaccio for his support and for helping me with my training. I have been working with him since January of this year and he helped me put 91lbs on my total in just 9 months of working with him. Thanks Tone, I really do appreciate it and i'm looking forward to working with you again!!! Last, I want to thank everyone that follows my training logs and youtube videos for their ongoing support.

Meet video
(Please excuse my wife, she got a little excited, lol)