I'm looking for opinions. I've read Joe Defranco & others on how Heavy A## Sled Drags make you faster. Then, I've seen several scientific studies say that you should use 10-15% of your bodyweight for short sled sprints for 15-20 yards. In my mind, here's how I should employ each technique. 1.) Defranco- 1A: Heavy Sled Drags, 5 x 10 yards. 1B: Sprint, 5 x 10 yards. 2 minutes rest between drags and sprints to promote full recovery. 2.) 1A: Sled Sprints(using 10-15% of BW) 5 x 15-20 yards 1B: Sprints, 5 x 15-20 yards. 2 minutes rest to promote recovery. Ok guys, from your personal experience which is better for sprint acceleration(10-20 yards)? #1 or #2?