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Thread: smith machine bench press

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    smith machine bench press

    i have been using a smith machine for my military presses lately because i never have a spotter at my gym (really small local place) and i have started to love it and feel a huge pump in my shoulders after. i was debating switching from barbell bench press to using a smith machine for a few weeks to see how it feels. anyone use smith machine bench press normally?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bgb1990 View Post
    anyone use smith machine bench press normally?
    I'd be willing to bet the answer for 98.5 percent of people on this site is unequivocally "no." The other 1.5 percent are either a) people with major shoulder issues or b) people who frequent and hop over here every now and then.
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    A smith machine can be used just like any other machine, just don't over use it. Also don't be doing any low rep work or attempt any max work on it, that should be saved for free weights that way your mechanics are more natural and not in a fixed plane of motion.

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    ok thanks. figure ill try it out for a few sets/week and see how it goes.

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    Interesting question. I know that most people, including myself will always prefer free-weights over the smith machine but this situation is a bit different. Its not just the same old free weight versus smith machine debate. Its free-weights with the fear of failure and injury. In this case, because he does not have a spotter and also may fear injury he may end his sets prematurely when he has a rep or two still in him. As opposed to being able to push out every rep that he has in him on the smith machine. In this case, are the free weights still better even if the free-weight sets aren't taking him to his limits?

    I personally avoid certain exercises without a spotter because of bad experiences. Going heavy on incline DB press is notorious for giving me problems. On my final rep I tend to fail VERY suddenly in the final half of the motion with little warning. I have had the weights crash down on me (luckily I at an angle and not straight down) a handful of times even with a spotter there.
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