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Thread: Why do I want to puke?

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    Why do I want to puke?

    What is the physiological reason behind wanting/needing to puke when working out to that point? I've had some pretty hard squat/deadlift days where I needed to take an extra minute to rest otherwise I could feel the puke knocking. I haven't yet...but wondered what it is that makes a person need to? The science behind it.
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    I remember puking after doing 5 or 6 sets of pushups back in high school, I think it happened because I exercised right after I ate lunch. You might not be waiting long enough after you eat before you work out. I think the minimum you should wait is 90 minutes, but 2 hours is better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AvD100 View Post
    I've heard this happens because blood flow is reduced to the kidneys, liver, stomach and intestines during exercise. Causing you to feel nauseous.

    Not sure if that's correct though
    Sounds good at least lol. Probably the most scientific explanation I've heard so far as opposed to "youre hittin it hard brah"

    Everyone is different honestly, I have no problems working out 30 minutes after I eat.
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    I sometimes feel sick doin abs sometimes
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    I would love to hear the reason for this as well. When I was in my teens I used to weight train about 2 times a week and I would puke at the end of EVERY session in the bathroom. On days that I didnt puke I was on the borderline of doing so and I would feel sick for up to an hour afterwards.
    Back then i didnt know anything. I used to use moderate weights and punch out about 15-20 reps on big compounds and would be doing a full body workout like this. This may be a factor as well that back then my cardio fitness was quite bad.

    I used to get this for years until i started training through a proper 5 day program. My fitness went up a lot and after a few weeks it went away. I only get it now if i take a long break from training, when i go back to training for the first few days i want to or do actually puke. So i think it is somehow related to ir general fitness and ur conditioning to it.

    Not too long ago i decided to deviate from my normal split for a few weeks and do a full upperbody/lower body split for a change. On the first day, after pushing heavy on the flat bench and then going heavy on bent over rows afterwards i was very close to puking. On my regular split those exercises havnt made me feel sick in a while but doing them one after another totally wrecked me so i think there may be a link to ur conditioning with a particular routine
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