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    DBE Journal...Road to Old Man Strength!


    With my first post I decided to start a journal. I suffered a catastrophic motor vehicle accident in 1980 in which I broke my right leg in 15 places and my left in 17, shattered my left humerus (arm), crushed my right hand, broke all my ribs right side, tore my face partly off, broke both collar bones, and sustained 7 head wounds.

    It has been a long journey with many ups and downs. I currently work as a nurse manager and manage 4 separate sites that work with people with Traumatic Brain Injuries...for there but for the grace of god (or luck if you prefer) go I.

    I was diagnosed with an 8" blood clot in Feb 2011 and lighted a fire under my behind to get in some type of shape. I have worked out off and on over the years, but generally got discouraged for various reasons. In 2011 I ran several times a week despite the leg pain I feel daily and got down to about 235lbs and completed a 5k race at age 45 in under 35 minutes...not screamin' fast, but not bad for a fat broken old man.

    This year I set my sights on something that feels a bit more natural to me and that is pushing iron.

    I started with a basic plan and have stuck with it. Now, I finally have my sights set on a meet November 17, 2012 that is a charity event for a poor child with brain cancer. Being a nurse this is right up my ally. The meet is called Relentless Detroit.

    I am returning from a week off lifting...mostly due to a crazy work schedule and needing to give my joints a rest.

    Why I do certain things in the gym is a story that I can unfold in the posts to come.

    Yesterday was my first day back and of course needed to start with Squats. With squats I try to work my trunk and also Overhead Presses. You can find the summary below.

    Thanks for the read and I will try to keep my posts regular.

    135 x 10 x 2
    225 x 10 x 2
    315 x 10 x 2
    365 x 3 x 2
    315 x 12 x 1 (SS with Abs)
    275 x 16 x 1 (SS with Abs)

    135 x 5 x 2
    185 x 8 x 2
    165 x 12 x 1
    145 x 22 x 1 (SS all sets with Abs)

    Abs: alternate with hanging leg raises, crunches 10-20 reps each set

    All lifts all the time RAW, no belts, no straps, no chalk...only head phones

    Thanks for the read,

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    Age 46
    6'2" 283lb
    Catastrophic MVA Survivor
    RN, CBIS (Work with TBI )

    Non-Competition, Raw
    Squat (365lb x 3)(Right fused ankle)
    Bench (385lb)
    DL (485lb)
    OP (205lb)

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