Okay, i'll TRY and keep this short.

I powerlifted (raw, IPF style) for 6 years, and the deadlift was always my strong lift. In the last 2 years ov those 6 i pretty much quit deadlifting entirely... working on some glaring weaknesses (bench, squat form) as i started squatting (and training) more weightlifter style, squatting every day and especially cleaning up my form. I found that even without the deadlifts in my weekly split, they were always up every time i tested them.

After that 6 years i quit powerlifting and started olympic lifting, and have been doing that for the last 2 years (with the occasional powerlifting relapse in between injuries). It was then ironically that i started doing a bit more deadlift work... mainly snatch and clean deads. To do those properly i was obviously going to use straps. I got used to it. Then i started actually working on my deadlift strength even more... and throwing in the occasional conventional deadlift workout, again with straps. Fast forward to this summer and a lil comp comes up and here i am... with NO GRIP. Predictable, sure... but i thought i could just revert to mixed grip. Nope. Grip strength is no issue... i could probably break close to half a ton off the pins...

THE ISSUE... I just cant lift this way anymore. I'll rip more weight than ever with perfect form... PR's all day long, no belt, arched back... with straps. But mix the grip and the bar gets away from me, things start to twist, and even my lower back somehow wants to round. I figured i'd just build up my hook-grip... which... i am doing right now. But it will take longer than i thought.

I've got a lil comp coming up in a few weeks, and i'd like to be able to actually deadlift what i can deadlift (so far i can pull a good 100lbs more than i can hold on to). The hook is not going to come around in that amount ov time, so its looking like i've got to revert back to mixed this one last time.

Any suggestions? This happen to anyone else here?

i should also add that i am absolutely NOT interested in going back to a mixed grip. It took me years to sort out the imbalances (both in physique, and pulling mechanics for olympic lifting) i got from mixed grip deadlifting. I dont want to go back down that road. My deadlift now, (read: my comp-style) is pretty much a clean-deadlift, with narrower grip.