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Thread: Big size difference. Tiny weight difference. Two brothers.

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    Big size difference. Tiny weight difference. Two brothers.

    Alright, well basically my brother came around today and said the same thing I'd been saying the last few days "how do you almost weigh the same as me?"

    My brother has way more muscle mass than me, and low bodyfat aswell as being taller, but he only weighs about 9-10lbs more than me max.

    I don't understand how this is possible. He has 16" arms for example wich look twice the size of mine.

    Isn't muscle meant to weigh more than fat? Cause he has more muscle, is taller and leaner than me so what's with the weigh difference? Either I'm heavy for my size or he's just light. Can you have heavier bones or something?

    If any one has seen anything like this please gimme some answer, cause I'm confused here!

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    Fat has more volume than fat, so if you had a pound of fat and a pound of muscle, the fat would be a lot larger and would take up more space. I guess if you had a cubic inch of muscle and a cubic inch of fat, the muscle would weigh more, because it would take more fat to equal the same amount of muscle. Just remember that a fat man weighing 200 pounds would look totally different than a muscular man weighing 200 pounds. The muscular man would appear leaner, despite weighing the same.

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    Does he work legs?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alex.V View Post
    Does he work legs?
    Yes he does, but looking back at it now my quads have always been rather thick without training, and they have a good layer of fat, so I think that's were some of the weight must be hidden.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZoriWser View Post
    becuse the fat is more fat
    That's deep and insightful.
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    "becuse the fat is more fat"

    I'm thinking this would be a good Jack Handey quote.
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