My name is Hunter Poole i am new to this site, and have turned to this site for motivation, increasing my chance of sponsorship via youtube views to help pay for competition/food/supplements to help push my training to the next level , as well as just a way to get myself out there, and get some postive feedback.

I have been lifting for 8 years since i was 13, now 21 i have many state, american, and world records under my belt in many federations in powerlifting. I have competed in SPF,USPF,USAPL, and WABDL over nearly the past decade setting records in every age group since. I want to continue my journey to the top and be the best i can be, and potentially the best in the world if i keep progressing at my current rate. This is my passion this is my life dream, ive sacrificed alot for it, and am going to keep on pushing.

stats 6'5
currently 285 i hover around 285-305 depending on carb content and which weightclass i am trying to compete in 275, or 308
height is 6'5
most would say this is a huge disadvatage especially being my frame could hold alot more but from an early age i have learned that height has helped me naturally be good at deadlift, and having wide hips helps my squat, barrel chest helping my bench press those things i am lucky to have

RAW NUMBERS (competition no knee wraps walked out squats)
606 squat
452 bench press
733 deadlift

^^^^these numbers are nowhere near my current numbers for squat as this competition was nearly a year ago and squat has progressed very nicely hitting 672 fairly easy in a GYM PR. Deadlift and Bench press are close to same as weight has gone down over 30 pounds since that meet being 320 when those lifts were done. I have had a serious of back tweaks and injuries with my s-1,l-5 vertabrae and has given me alot of problems training

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here is a link to my newest video of my home gym, and all the equipment i have accumulated over the past decade

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